Chipotle Taco & Quinoa Bowl

Chipotle Taco & Quinoa Bowl

Every day I pick my kids up at the babysitter after work and every day I get the same cranky question:

“Moooooom, what’s for dinner?”

They’re not even completely inside the car before they’re hounding me about what we’re having to eat.  And for the record, it’s not just a casual question.  There’s no “Hey Mom, how are you?  What’s for dinner?”  or “You’ll never guess what happened at lunch today!  By the way, what’s for dinner?”  No, there is none of that.  It is a daily query, raised with the explicit expectation that they will be disappointed, so it is therefore asked in a tone dripping with contempt.  Dripping, because there is so much disdain for the as-yet-unknown dinner, it can’t be contained by a simple question.  As they sit there in the backseat, every part of their being is exhibiting a hostility with regard to the dinner, that mind you, I haven’t even disclosed yet.  But when I respond with  “We’re having tacos!” then I get cheers and all is well…for the time being.


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