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Hello!  Welcome to Always Daydreaming!

This actually won’t tell you all about me.  It would take ages to tell you all about me and within the first ten minutes, you would be bored out of your mind and probably incapable of even remembering why you cared in the first place.   So, here’s a little bit about me, and if you want to know more, just ask!

For starters, I’m Allison and I’m always daydreaming about something.  I am happiest when I’m completely immersed in some kind of creative process so my mind is always thinking up new ways to make, change, and generally tinker with just about everything.   Sometimes I try to block out the incessant thinking and brainstorming so I can take my kids to the park or binge watch crappy tv on a rainy afternoon like a normal person.  But the ideas just won’t go away.  They keep coming back around, like bees buzzing in my head until I give up and finally experiment with whatever idea is buzzing the loudest.  What brings me joy is the process of taking different elements and putting them together to make something entirely new.  I find the process of creating to be a lot like putting together a puzzle.  Sometimes it is easy; sometimes you have to swap out several pieces before you find the right fit.   It could be a recipe, a sewing project, or even just finding the right words to convey exactly what I want to say.  

I think you could say that I dabble in lots but I am a master of nothing.  The exception to that rule is sleeping because I can sleep anywhere — in the car, watching a movie, at the dining room table.  What can I say?  It’s a gift.  Unfortunately it doesn’t really help me here.  In fact, in terms of actually executing the ideas I dream up, it’s a bit of problem.   When I’m awake, I worry less about doing things perfectly the first time and instead try to focus on whether or not it can be done, and then obsess after the fact about how I should have done it differently to make it better.  I most commonly work with food because I love to eat and I grew up in a house where you demonstrate your love for other people by cooking for them.   Unsurprisingly, I am an emotional eater, so I’m also always looking for ways to make food that I love fit into a lifestyle that embraces health and fitness.  

Always Daydreaming is my place to chronicle these pursuits.  I hope that while you are here, you find something helpful, inspiring, or entertaining.  

Thanks for visiting!

Allison :)


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    Diana Mills

    I live you blog Allison, Addis it to my favorites and making your recipes. You photos are beautiful, did you take them?

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      Hi Diana! I’m so glad you like it!
      Yes, I do take all of my photos. I don’t have a lot of photography experience so I’m learning as I go, which is both challenging and fun!

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