Buddy Ghaner

Buddy Ghaner

Buddy: January 2004 – September 2015

Buddy Ghaner departed this world on September 28, 2015.  Born on a farm in Maryland, “Budweiser” ultimately ended up in a rescue on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he was happily found by his dad, Ray.  Upon discovering Buddy on PetFinder.com, Ray drove from central Pennsylvania to the Eastern Shore and is said to have arrived at the rescue and be waiting in their parking lot when they opened.  Buddy and Ray hit it off immediately and while it wasn’t the rescue’s policy to let animals go home with families the first day they met, it was clear that Ray would not be leaving without Buddy that day.  An exception was made and the new friends embarked on the 5 hour drive home while sharing a large box of Chicken McNuggets.  


Buddy Ghaner

Buddy spent 9 years with the Ghaner family, during which time he lived with them in 4 different houses and helped them welcome two children.  With those children, Buddy was unfailingly patient and kind, despite their attempts to ride him, dress him up, and use his ears as teething toys. 


Buddy Ghaner

Buddy’s proudest moment was the day he chased down and caught a groundhog in his yard, which he proceeded to carry around for the next half hour, before depositing it on the front steps as a gift to his family.  Buddy was a notorious slobberer and all who came near were blessed with a shower of his excessive drool.  Late in life, Buddy took up swimming and insisted in joining his family in the pool whenever they were out.  He also enjoyed burying his kongs in the flowerbeds and napping in a sunny spot on the dining room floor. Buddy was completely devoted to his family and his greatest joy was simply being close to the people he loved.  He could often be found sleeping right next to his father’s side of the bed or lying on their feet under the dining table. 


Buddy Ghaner

Buddy was predeceased by his adoptive brother, a chocolate lab named Cody, and leaves behind a mom, dad, sister, and brother, all of whom hope that he is painlessly running around in Dog Heaven, chasing groundhogs and eating ham sandwich biscuits.    


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Buddy Ghaner

Buddy Ghaner




Inner Monologue of a Non-Runner


I am not a runner.  I’ve never been a runner.  I was a late bloomer from an athletic standpoint, and you could probably argue that as an athlete I never really bloomed at all.  This is partly why the sports I ultimately chose did not involve running in excessive amounts.  Excessive, by my definition, meaning anything over about 25 yards.  

My body fights me when I try to run.  Each stride is a colossal effort, but even worse than that is the head game.  I’ve tried to pick up running, as if it was as easy as trying out a new knitting pattern (that’s not one of my gifts either, so in my case running may really be easier than knitting), but every time I have failed because I have convinced myself that I wasn’t improving and I would never get there.

Recently, my good friend and Beach Body Coach, Miranda, told me about a new challenge group that was starting up to help people train for a 5K.  This has been a goal of mine for so long, I had to give it another try.  The challenge group format has been really helpful in encouraging me to be active, so I thought that maybe it could help motivate me to once and for all, tackle a 5K, which in my mind is my own personal Mount Everest.  I got started and it’s hard!  Maybe you also struggle with winning the head game when you are out running, or maybe you are doing a much better job of chasing down this goal and my ridiculous thoughts will make you feel even better about yourself.  Either way is fine.  :)

I am a non-runner attempting to be a runner and these are real thoughts that really entered my brain while I was out for a jog.  

Disclaimer: They’re not all diamonds. 

I kind of feel like I should insert that gdonk, gdonk sound from Law & Order here.  Just imagine it in your head.  


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